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Mixing Business with Pleasure!

Video: How to travel like a pro!

This past year, nearly 50% of Americans traveled for business, and roughly two-thirds of those travelers turned work into a vacation!  So what's the secret? Are they just really travel savvy?  And HOW are they doing it for little to no extra money? Christopher Elliot has those answers...and MORE!

Find out:

How to sign up for the right programs to get you luxury perks... FAST
Airline advantages with or without frequent flier miles
The art to unreal upgrades...from cars to hotels

Christopher Elliott is a consumer advocate, multimedia journalist and professional speaker known for his practical advice and creative solutions to customer-service problems. His work is shaped by a drive to help people, drawing on the best traditions of investigative reporting and service journalism.

Elliott's relentless advocacy efforts have earned him a reputation as "the next Ralph Nader" and "every consumer's best friend." Elliott is National Geographic Traveler's reader advocate and a nationally syndicated columnist through Tribune Media Services, which distributes his columns to publications from the Seattle Times to the Miami Herald. Elliott is the co-founder of the Consumer Travel Alliance, a Washington-based advocacy group for travelers.

He writes a weekly column for The Washington Post and is a personal finance blogger at

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