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Video: Be Safe On The Road!

Since the Civil War, Memorial Day has been celebrated to honor the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our country. But it is also considered the unofficial start of summer, where families across America start planning weekend getaways and summer road trips.

However, before embarking on such a journey, it's imperative to be sure your car is ready to take on the extra wear and tear.

Summer Road Trip Checklist
- Rotate tires & check tire pressure-It can help maximize gas mileage
- Check your battery to avoid breakdowns on the road
- Bring plenty of toys & games for the kids
- Inspect the brake fluid level/brake pads
- Pack non-perishable snacks for long stretches without stopping
- Inspect belts & hoses for leaks and/or tears
- Pack toilet paper-It has multiple uses

 James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs, General Motors
With almost 15 years of experience, James Bell is a nationally recognized and authoritative resource within the automotive industry. Prior to joining GM, James was Vice President of Corporate Communications and Executive Market Analyst for Kelley Blue Book. In this role, he was charged with promoting the brand and driving traffic to its award-winning web site. Bell has been featured on national television news shows on CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, national and local talk radio, as well as within the pages of both respected newspapers and automotive trade publications.

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