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Visiting Small Town Florida

Video: Florida's Hidden Gems

This new edition of Bruce Hunt's popular guide reveals the real, old-time Florida still to be found on the back roads of the Sunshine state in little towns that lure you in with their quaintness and keep you there for a spell with their friendly occupants. The towns featured all have a population of less than 10,000. The author revisited all the towns in the book for this update. He chatted with the inhabitants to get the inside story on how things have changed-and how they haven't. He introduces each town's history, museums, galleries, antiques shops, local eateries, and anything else he could find, including fishing holes and unusual and endearing local characters. This travelogue and guidebook lets you experience the flavor of Florida's back-road burgs and provides directions, addresses, phone numbers, and websites. Illustrated with the author's photographs. Includes maps.

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