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Video: Spend Time Cooking with Family

Esther Rose Graber knows a thing or two about feeding a crowd. She raised a busy family with six kids! Now those kids are all grown, and they love to bond at family gatherings, and in the kitchen.

And this family of artists is not only creative in the studio, but they are also all creative in the kitchen.

So, now Esther has some help. She, her five daughters and her daughter in law all love to spend time in the kitchen together cooking special meals for the family.

Their irresistibly tasty recipes range from comforting to adventuresome, and they all have easy to follow instructions! They offer menus and recipes for their favorite special occasion meals.

Esther Rose Graber, a watercolorist and book illustrator, is the matriarch of the Graber clan.  She is the mother or mother-in-law of the six other cooks featured in The Daily Feast.  Born in Kansas during the Great Depression, she moved to central Puerto Rico in 1965 with her surgeon husband, Ronald Graber, and their young family.  She is well-known in Puerto Rico for capturing the vivid colors of her adopted homeland in hundreds of watercolor landscapes and portraits.  She and Ron now divide their time between Puerto Rico and southern Indiana, traveling extensively from those bases.

Sibyl Graber Gerig is an illustrator who loves in a passive solar home on the Indiana prairie. Her family includes her surgeon husband Winston, and her 4 daughters. Her chickens, goats and gardens provide fresh farm to table ingredients for much of the creative cooking happening in her kitchen. Her specialty is cooking from her garden, from Mexican to Italian to regional American.

Ann Graber Miller, Sibyl's identical twin is also an artist as well as an interior designer. Ann has travelled and lived all over the world with her husband Keith and their 3 children. She is now settled in Indiana, where she still enjoys preparing Cambodian feasts, plus Mediterranean, American and Caribbean dishes.


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