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Author Karin Mesa

Video: An Anole with Style!

From the moment he hatched, in a flowerpot high above the ground, Oliver Anole saw the world as a journey of adventures and games. His playful spirit and love of living creatively spreads joy throughout the anole world, just by being himself. Oliver amazes and inspires his friends and neighbors in the small garden world to be inventive, respectful, and to create a joyful life. Oliver the Overachiever is written to encourage children to celebrate their individuality and the importance of being true to yourself. Oliver illustrates, through story and pictures, that a small person can create great effects that will improve the world around them.

Karin Mesa has worked for the past nineteen years as a designer of decorative glass. She lives on the west coast of Florida with her husband, glass artist, Julian Mesa. Their studio, located in a one acre garden, provides the inspiration of nature that Karin has always used for her illustrations. Throughout her life observing nature has been fuel for Karin's imagination. Jagged tree stumps in a snowy winter became elven castles. Tree frogs nestled among orchid roots whisper of their cozy hidden homes throughout a garden world. Small lives, out of sight to many, are brought to life in water color and pencil. Karin's stories about these small creatures can be applied to their own lives by children, in ways that are real to them as individuals. Karin has stated her purpose in writing and illustrating like this: "I hope that in a light and playful way my stories and pictures will encourage children to develop their creativity and sense of adventure. I want them to know the power they have to change things for the better." Upcoming titles include two more in the Oliver series: Oliver Anole and the Wild Grasshopper Rodeo and Oliver, You Can Read!,  Raton Perez meets the Tooth Fairy, The Birdie Tree, and Something the Cat Dragged in.



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