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Better Living for the Busy Woman!

Video: Easy Tips to Live Better

Today woman are busy...but wait, when haven't women been busy? Women have always been the first to wake and the last to go to bed. And despite all of the conveniences the 21st century has to offer, it seems times are more hectic than ever. From our responsibilities at work to organizing our home and maintaining everyone else's schedule, a woman's day never stops.

Not only do we cater to everyone else's needs, but also juggle a career with looking good and staying healthy. So with all of this pressure on us, how can we keep our sanity? Sometimes it seems like an impossible task-Not to worry, Patricia Stark is here with her tips to help make life easier so you can enjoy more often!

A regular on television shows across the country, Patricia Stark is also the founder of Patricia Stark Communications where she coaches Television Hosts, News Anchors, Performers, and other professionals in public speaking. She has been a faculty member for the American Medical Associations Health Communicators Conference.  Patricia is certified in Eclectic Cognitive Behavior Therapy to further help clients. Patricia also has extensive on-air experience including hosting and being featured as an expert on countless television shows across the nation sharing advice to help women perform at their best and take control of their busy lives.

Super Savers for the Super Busy Woman

-Do not skip breakfast!
 -Use this time to go through your daily to-do list
 -Separate the list into "delegate, eliminate, keep"

-Pre-plan what you are going to accomplish during your lunch hour
-Pack a healthy lunch to bring on-the-go with you

-Make households chores a breeze by creating a "cleaning tool belt" to keep with you
-Streamline your grocery shopping by creating a list and sticking to it

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