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Feeding Children Everywhere

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What is Project 3:
Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) is donating 100,000 healthy meals to 30 school districts across the country this August. Project 3 is national three million meal packaging event that will rally 20,000 people in Tampa from August 27th through August 30th to hand-package rice, lentils, veggies and Himalayan salt into easy to make meals. This 25-cent per meal casserole will be used to stock the crisis food pantries in public schools to help hungry kids right here at home.

Feeding Children Everywhere exists to mobilize and empower people to feed the hungry.  Today, 1.02 billion people will go to bed malnourished, and every 16 seconds a child dies from starvation and it's related effects.  Feeding Children Everywhere (FCE) desires to decimate these statistics and believes that people here in the U.S. can do it with a little bit of work and compassion.  It only takes one quarter to make a difference.  FCE has developed a program in which volunteers can package a meal and send it around the world to a hungry person for only 25 cents!  One quarter can impact the life of a hungry person significantly. 

FCE sends the food to approved feeding partners around the world who distribute the food to malnourished and starving people day in and day out.  From Haiti, to countries in Latin America like Guatemala and El Salvador, to countries in Africa like Ghana and Uganda; FCE is making a daily impact in thousands of lives.  With a new food recipe recently developed and released, FCE distributes an extremely healthy blend of rice, lentil protein, vegetables, and vitamin powder. 

All it takes is for a person to decide to make a difference.  Food Packing Events are at the core of how FCE is able to do what they do.  At a food packing event, people from all ages and walks of life gather around assembly lines to package these healthy meals.  One assembly line takes only 15 people and can package 2,500 meals in one hour!  Volunteers raise the 25 cents per meal program rate and package limitless meals.  At a Food Packing Event, a group can package anywhere from 10,000 meals to 1,000,0000 meals in one day!  It all depends on how many quarters have been raised.  With a lot of people giving a little, millions of meals have been shipped around the world with millions more to come!  

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