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The Sailor Circus

Video: Run Away with the Sailor Circus!

"Madagascar 3" will be released in theaters this week, and we thought...hey, since the story is all about the zoo animals running away with the circus, Studio 10 should do the same!  (at least for a day...)

We paid a visit to Sarasota's Sailor Circus, and our experience must be seen to be believed!  Check it out, and read more about The Sailor Circus below:


What Makes Sailor Circus Unique? 
Sailor Circus now in its sixth decade of operation has grown from a small high school gymnastics class in 1949 to the present spectacular 4 ring youth circus production known world wide as the Greatest "Little" Show on Earth. Students from the 4th through 12th grades in Sarasota and surrounding counties have anopportunity to experience the performing arts in a circus atmosphere. Our dedicated students practice 20 - 30 hours a week and are trained by volunteer coaches who are retired circus performers, sailor circus alumni and enthusiastic parents. More than 200 volunteers donating over 25,000 hours of their time each season to Sailor Circus demonstrates strong community involvement.

Sailor Circus is a major tourist attraction for Florida's Gulf Coast. Through the years, more than 10 thousand students have performed to more than 1 million attendees during our annual home based performances.

More than 62 Years of Excellence...
For more than 60 years, Sailor Circus has thrilled audiences around the globe with outstanding feats performed by students from Sarasota, Florida.
More remarkable than their abilities is the fact that they are all children. As performers in America's oldest youth circus, these children are recognized as major contributors to the circus legacy in Sarasota. Sailor Circus is a program of Circus Sarasota, a non-profit organization, with the goal of helping our youth develop life management skills, self-discipline and gain confidence while learning through the circus arts.

Sailor Circus invites you to attend our shows and become involved with our programs through volunteer opportunities or donations.

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