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Science Center of Pinellas

Video: Dancing sound waves!
Video: Fun with Dino Poop?!?!?
Video: Fun with Bernouli!
Video: The incredble, pickling, shrinking, inert egg!


The Tampa Bay area took a remarkable step forward in 1959 to meet and expand an interest in science. Forward thinking community members, including co-founders William Guild and Nell Rodgers Croley, founded The Science Center, the first science education facility of its type in the United States! This non-profit and privately owned facility is a 501(c)(3) organization funded through private donations, grants, corporate gifts and donations from people like you and me! (Read information on how to Help the Science Center)

The Center is located on seven acres in west St. Petersburg. Each year the Center educates more than 22 thousand school children through field trip classes; offers winter, spring and summer workshops for 2,000 more; takes science education courses to the community, holds science showcases and science fair workshops, teaches seniors how to use computers, offers a Lecture Series with world renowned speakers and holds many science oriented events and activities for the community.

And, the Science Center has been kind enough to loan us one of their incredible instructors each month to teach us simple experiments that you can use to educate your children at home! Ms. Rose Westbeery, from the Science Center of Pinellas, is our "Science Gal" and we are so happy to be able to bring her experiments to you! Plus, each week we'll tell you about the cool upcoming Science Center events that you and your family can enjoy!

Click here to learn more about the Science Center and these events!

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