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Video: A smarter way to power through

During the sweltering summer months more air conditioners and fans are blowing.  But when the strain of power usage causes outages, it's cities and taxpayers' wallets that are hit the hardest. In recent years, power outages, blackouts and brownouts have become an increasingly common phenomenon; the worst, in 2003, cost American consumers seven to ten billion dollars.
Now it's possible for a "smart" or "self-healing" electronic grid to alleviate the burden of our aging power infrastructure, and reduce the hours without power to just a few minutes.  A smart grid can help utilities address outages almost immediately and move power from where it is plentiful to areas experiencing shortages.  Smart meters also help consumers monitor their own energy usage and make decisions that help them save both money and power.
Smart grid technologies are popping up across the country as communities begin investing in power infrastructure. Larsh Johnson, Energy Expert, talks about the benefits of this technology such as increased energy efficiency, greater reliability, and lower cost electricity for consumers.

Larsh Johnson, Energy Expert and Head of the Siemens eMeter Division
Larsh Johnson is an energy expert and head of the Siemens eMeter Division.  Larsh has been a thought leader in the energy sector and has been at the forefront of the Smart Grid movement since its inception.

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