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Gypsy Bluez

Video: "All Messed Up"
Video: "All I Want is the Blues"
Video: Meet Gypsy Bluez!
Video: Welcome Back & "Sweet On You"
Video: "Silent Night"
Video: "Juju Queen"
Video: "Major Flood"


George Grosman - Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia two days before the death of Soviet dictator Jopseph Stalin, on a freezing cold early March night, George's journey through the world and through music has been nothing short of amazing. He played the blues in Israel, klezmer in Iceland and jazz in Canada. After his studies at the Guildhall School of Music in London, George and his young family settled in Toronto, where he was active on the jazz scene as a guitarist, vocalist, composer and producer for 30 years. Two years ago, his daughters now grown, George's Wandering Jew spirit took over once again and he has relocated to Orlando, FL, to soak up the sunshine and play some New Orleans vibed tunes. GYPSY BLUEZ is the result.

Jeff Drake - Originally from long island NY, Jeff started playing drums when he was eight years old. Moved to Boston in the early 80's to attend the New England Conservatory of Music where he received his BA in jazz performance.  While in Boston, Jeff studied with Alan Dawson and Fred Buda. Jeff worked as a Disney staff musician there for four years and currently is playing and teaching in the Orlando area.

Though right handed, I play the accordion right handed and right side up. Have since I started some 25 years ago.  My parents are from Left Hand, West Virginia, so it just came kinda natural.   I moved to Winter Park recently from Zuzax, New Mexico where I played at Molly's, the local watering hole, for 10 years, entertaining the hillbillies and drinking and smoking a fair amount, too.  Played with such luminaries as "Green Gums" Wilson, J.P. Enos and the Swinging Johnsons and more than, really, I can recall.  I feel naked without the accordion on (cause I often play without any clothes on) - John Keith

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