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11-Year-Old Chef Haile Thomas

Video: How a kid is helping to make her generation healthier!

Grilled cheese, chicken fingers, and spaghetti and meatballs may be mainstays of kids' menus everywhere, but 11-year-old Haile Thomas, host of the popular cooking show "Kids Can Cook" and nationally-recognized for her efforts to fight childhood obesity as one of only 20 youth who sit on the Alliance for a Healthier Generation youth advisory board founded by the William J. Clinton Foundation and the American Heart Association, is on a course to change kids' menu offerings to emphasize fun, fresh, and flavorful items that still tantalize taste buds but are less likely to stretch waistlines.   
Haile, who in addition to her work with the Alliance for a Heathier Generation and other organizations, is on a mission to eradicate childhood obesity and empower young people to make healthy lifestyle choices by creating and demonstrating healthy and delicious dishes that won't have kids pushing their plates away. As part of her mission to end childhood obesity, Haile and American culinary pioneer Alice Waters are developing a kids' menu for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts that includes simple, seasonal (not frozen) ingredients to keep kids on track for a healthy lifestyle.

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