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Tips to Tackle Your Time-Consuming Cleaning Tasks with The One Minute Cleaner, Donna Smallin

Looking to remove the summer sand, dust and allergens from your house to return it to tip top shape?  Feel like your daunting cleaning tasks will keep you from enjoying the last few weeks of summer? Think you don't have the time to spare to make a noticeable impact on the state of your house?

What if we told you there were short cuts to every time-consuming task you dread? "The One-Minute Cleaner" herself, Donna Smallin, will give you a crash course that will help you save time and money while tackling the dreaded end-of-summer cleaning fiasco!

Cleaning and Organizational Expert Donna Smallin, has written seven books on cleaning, uncluttering, organizing and simplifying life that have sold nearly 850,000 copies worldwide. Her books include The One-Minute Cleaner, The One-Minute Organizer, Cleaning Plain & Simple, Organizing Plain & Simple, Donna has been seen on Better TV, HGTV's Smart Solutions, CNN Open House, and the CBS Saturday Early Show. Her website ( attracts 40,000 extremely loyal visitors each year. 

Fall Sweeps
-Now is a great time to sweep away all of the dirt and pollutants that summer has brought into your home
-Clean high traffic areas- furniture, carpets, and bedding
-Fight allergens- wash your curtains, slipcovers, and comforters

The rewards of fast, efficient cleaning and organizing are huge.
-More time to spend enjoying the last weeks of summer
-More energy for the things you want to do
-Once it is accomplished, it is over and you don't have to think of it again
-More money in your pocket
-Better self-esteem


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