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Pet Talk

Animal Planet's Jackson Galaxy

Video: Meet the Cat Whisperer

Unconventional cat trainer Jackson Galaxy has taken the animal world by storm-overturning stereotypes of what a "cat person" should be and saving distressed felines (and their owners) on Animal Planet's hit show My Cat From Hell, which was just renewed for a third season.  But where did Galaxy come from and how did he acquire his singular ability to understand what cats need?

The answer lies within the pages of Galaxy's new memoir CAT DADDY: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me about Life, Love and Coming Clean (Tarcher/Penguin hardcover, on-sale May 10). In this book, Galaxy traces his journey from down-and-out rock musician with multiple addictions to animal shelter worker to gifted cat trainer. Along the way, he charts his trials with the original cat from hell, Benny, a supposedly "unbondable" cat bearing physical and emotional wounds as raw as Galaxy's own.   Benny tests Galaxy's skills at every turn, challenging and teaching him invaluable lessons not only about how to be better attuned to cat behavior but how to live in the moment (without drugs or crutches), eschew complacency, and accept that you don't always have control.  A moving tale chock full of informative sidebars containing Galaxy's signature cat care advice-most often gleaned from his experiences with Benny-CAT DADDY will uplift and inspire readers to view their cats, and their lives, through a clearer lens.

JACKSON GALAXY "speaks Cat. And cats listen."* A cat behaviorist with more than fifteen years of experience-and the host of Animal Planet's hit show My Cat From Hell-Galaxy specializes in helping individuals whose "out of control" cats are turning their lives and homes upside down.

In Jackson's memoir, Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love and Coming Clean (Tarcher/Penguin, May 2012), he tells the inspiring story of Benny, the cat who saved his life and set him on the path to becoming America's Cat Daddy. Along the way, he shares his mission-born from his many years working at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley-to save the 4 million dogs and cats who die in shelters each year. As Jackson says: "Working in an animal shelter grounded me in the current reality of animal overpopulation and convinced me simultaneously of the promise of a no-kill country. We can achieve, in my lifetime, a world where homeless animals do not have to die - needlessly."

Prior to penning Cat Daddy, Jackson went into private practice in Boulder in 2002, co-founding Little Big Cat, Inc., with Dr. Jean Hofve, a respected holistic veterinarian. Together they gave mind-body consultations to cat guardians, focusing on the connection between physical and behavioral health. Jackson also joined Dr. Hofve in the popular Spirit Essences Flower Essence remedy line, and today he is the owner and president of Spirit Essences.

In 2007, Jackson moved to Los Angeles where he started, and continues to maintain, a private consulting practice. Working one-on-one with cats in their homes, utilizing his unique "Cat Mojo" approach to cat care, he offers his clients a deeper understanding of why their cats act out and the tools to resolve their cats' behavioral issues.

Jackson has appeared as the Official Cat Behaviorist for Game Show Network's Think Like a Cat and as the Cat Behavior Expert on Animal Planet's Cats 101. He has also been featured by such media outlets as 20/20, EXTRA, The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, the New York Post, and AOL.


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