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Wholesale Your Home, Inc. is the only website nation-wide that is focused on giving buyers access to discounted properties with no closing costs.. which literally brings them to our web site by the thousands.

Sellers get immediate exposure to pre-qualified buyers for direct negotiations - with no contracts or sales commissions. Buyers are drawn to our web site for values, our massive advertising campaign and word-of-mouth recommendations. Sellers obtain a comprehensive report of recent neighborhood homes sales to determine a fair market value. We also ship an over-sized "30x24" personalized yard sign to promote their property. Buyers and Sellers always have access to our toll-free hotline for answers from a trained representative.

Wholesale Your Home, Inc. helps a seller motivate buyers by creating an immediate equity opportunity through wholesale marketing. If you are willing to list your home at 91% of market value or lower sign up NOW.

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  • 12555 Spring Hill Drive Spring Hill, Florida. 34609
  • Toll-Free 1-877-76-BUYER (28927)
  • Office (352) 688-3733
  • Fax (352) 688-3731
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