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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Video: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Just like we're all a little Irish on St. Patty's Day, we can all get in touch with our Latin roots on Cinco de Mayo! This holiday celebrates a historical moment in Mexican history, but it's also a chance to embrace Mexican culture, festivities, and fun!

With a few simple ideas and recipes, anyone can make a festive fiesta for family and friends. So pull out the piñatas, slip on your sombrero and welcome a new party tradition. From food and drinks to dancing and décor, Food Network's Thalia Patillo is here to make your 5th of May a perfect 10!

Emmy Award-winning reporter and chef Thalia Patillo has been featured on the Food Network's third season of "Ultimate Recipe Showdown" with Guy Fieri and competed on the Food Network's "Iron Chef" Fan Face Off. Thalia and her recipes have also been featured regularly on New York local news. She specializes in party foods, Latin cuisine, and making dinner fun for kids.

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