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Legendary Candy Duo "Ike and Mike" Announce Break-Up!

Video: Say it isn't so!!!

After years of making sweet, chewy candy - rumor has it that the legendary candy duo, Mike and Ike, have decided to part ways. The candy-making pair known for MIKE AND IKEŽ candy cited irreconcilable creative differences, which have been confirmed by statements from each party suggesting that the twosome will no longer collaborate on new flavors for the famous fruit-flavored sweets.
The former team seems to be set on pursuing separate dreams. With Mike's passion for music and constantly being linked with Hollywood starlets, Ike believed that their partnership was suffering and decided to pursue his love of art. 

We're following the live press event from the 2012 Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, and geting the insider look into what split this delicious duo, the outpouring of reactions to the news of the split and learn what the company is doing to attempt to bring them back together! Hear what their friends, such as NBA basketball star Lamar Odom and musician Greyson Chance, have to say.

A press event, held at the Sweets and Snacks Expo, will be the first public announcement of the break- up of this legendary candy duo where they, along with the agent, and company execs are expected to speak.

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