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Safety Tips

Protect Yourself Against Stalking

Video: Protect Yourself!

Just in Time for National Stalking Awareness Month in January.

From Obsessed Former Lovers to Unrelenting Acquaintances Fueled by the Thrill of the Chase, Stalkers can have a Range of Motivations, but ALL Instill a Perpetual Fear Within Their Victims. 
Dr. Ward Exposes Chilling Stories of Dangerous Obsession in the Second Season of her Investigation Discovery series... Stalked: Someone's Watching

Practical Tips for Protecting Yourself:

- Contact Law Enforcement Immediately
- Keep a Detailed Log and Document Everything
- Record and Save any Phone Calls and Voicemails from Your Stalker
- Inform Family, Friends, Co-Workers and Neighbors about the Stalker
-Try to Vary Your Routine and Your Schedule
- Do Not Initiate Contact with Your Stalker Under Any Circumstances
Michelle Ward, PhD., is a criminal psychologist whose expertise is neuroscience and who has personal experience as a stalking victim.  Dr. Ward is widely sought after to assist in the criminal trials of some of the nation's most notorious offenders.  Throughout each episode of Stalked: Someone's Watching, Dr. Ward provides insight into the possible thoughts and motivations of the stalker and offers viewers important information that they can use to protect themselves.

Talk with Dr. Ward and get her expert advice on stalking:  What makes a person stalk another? Can men become victims of a dangerous stalker?  What signs should we all be looking for?


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