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Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology

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About Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology
Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology (TBRO) was formed in 2003 as a locally owned and physician managed organization committed to providing experienced, state-of-the-art cancer care focused on the needs of our patients and referring providers.

Our highly skilled and experienced board certified radiation oncologists provide care in four free-standing radiation centers and two CyberKnife facilities strategically located throughout the Tampa Bay area. One of our strengths is to offer the most current planning capabilities and latest technology in cancer treatment that typically may only be found at larger academic medical facilities across the country-and deliver that level of care at convenient locations, close to home. TBRO and its partners were the first to bring CyberKnife technology to the Tampa Bay area.

At TBRO we believe in a team approach to work with other cancer specialists in the area to evaluate, coordinate, and deliver the best options possible; so that patients have access to unique and personalized treatment in the caring manner they expect. Then they get that treatment locally with the support of family and friends nearby.

We believe in early detection through cancer screening programs and educating the community through our involvement and support at community events. Our physicians practice evidence-based medicine, keeping current with the latest research and treatment advances. Computers have revolutionized the way in which cancer can be treated, therefore we have been incorporating the latest innovations into our practice as they come on line.

Our goal is to provide precise and effective treatment to attack tumors while preserving as much normal tissue as possible. We were the first free-standing facility to bring many of the most advanced cancer treatments to the Tampa Bay area, and the first group to bring CyberKnife to the area, in 2008.

CyberKnife has been referred to as "the most advanced approach to radiotherapy in cancer treatment available today," and opens the door to treating cancers which could not previously be treated with traditional radiation. The procedures are performed on an outpatient basis without the need for anesthesia, and patients recover so quickly following treatment that they can return to their normal activities almost immediately following treatment. CyberKnife uses a robotic arm that directs a miniature linear accelerator to deliver hundreds of tiny radiation beams from many directions with sub-millimeter accuracy, and can accomplish in a week what would take as much as eight weeks using traditional radiation. This advanced technology also provides new levels of hope and treatment options for patients with more complicated tumor placements such as those wrapped around the spinal cord.

All of our physicians provide consultation and treatment in CyberKnife, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), High Dose Rate Radiation Therapy (HDR), Leipzig, Valencia, and brachytherapy treatments for a variety of cancers including prostate, breast, brain, lung, head/neck, skin, gynecological, esophageal, bile duct, and liver.

Thank you for considering Tampa Bay Radiation Oncology as your trusted partner in providing caring cancer treatment, close to home, using the latest technology. To learn more visit or call 877-709-1225.

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