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Spring and Summer Beauty Secrets

Vdieo: The Secret is Dove!

Jenn Falik, nationally-renowned fashion and beauty expert famous for her practical, common sense advice and natural instinct to share everything that she learns with everyone that she knows, is a leading expert on everything clothing, accessories, jewelry, and beauty!

And now Jenn is joining forces with  Dove to encourage real women throughout the nation to have the confidence to show off their beautiful skin by uploading a photograph of themselves, guaranteeing each of them the appearance in a Dove ad,  including online ads, a digital gallery, and an interactive billboard in the world-renowned Times Square.

In addition, women will be able to search for their ad and share it proudly with family members and friends so   that everyone can see their "spotlight moment of fame on a Times Square billboard"!

About Jenn Falik:
Jenn is an authoritative expert on everything fashion and beauty who has honed her skills at predicting and interpreting trends by working with many of the most influential behind-the-scenes
trendsetters (from makeup and hair artists to dermatologists to clothing and accessories designers, stylists,  and buyers). A frequent guest on "The View," "The Today Show," "The Rachael Ray Show," "Tyra Banks,"   and "E! Entertainment Television," Jenn uncovers beauty bargains, decodes the latest wacky skincare ingredients, and reveals her sought-after secrets for making even the most daunting fashion and beauty
trends wearable.

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